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Space girl

Stars Start to Fall

Lucifer rising

Sharp dressed man

Black night

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About Us


James Watt Steam Machine was founded and lives on under the heavy influence of addictive substances of 1960’s and 70’s – classic hard, art and prog.


Such bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were our teachers and idols. The sound, skills, voices and style of music are imprinted in our minds and laid a foundation of our band creation. The ingredients are common: guitar, bass, drums and vocals.


July 2009 can be marked as the birth of what we call today James Watt Steam Machine, when Alex joined to the band as a decent bass player. The next blow came in June 2010 when our drummer relocated to Sweden. And we have to appoint a new drummer as well. After the long period a George has arrived to the board, and looks nothing will change our band climbing to the top!


Dmitry – Our band leader, who created the band and started his role as a main composer and guitarist.

Alex – Our strongest side of a band, which is always strict and confident as it should be for good bass player.

George – Our young and fresh blood with really fresh and cheerful temper, which’s always, has a plenty of energy for his drum set.

Ed – Our front man and vocalist, who mainly responsible for lyrics and dramatic supply of the songs.


Live rock show for hire!

Зафиячим вам рок-н-ролла на вашем корпорате, днюхе и прочем междусобойчике.

Мы знаем все песни. С ума сойдете!

Заполните форму контакта с вашими пожеланиями и мы свяжемся с вами при первой же возможности!

За дополнительную плату:

Эдуард согласен переспать со всем отделом персонала вашей фирмы,

Дмитрий и Алексей с удовольствием помогут вам избавиться от гастрономических продуктов и крепкого алкоголя.

Жорж запросто кинет пару палок или настучит по выпрашивающей части вашего тела, быстро пьянеет, Жоржу не наливать!

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